Moisture Mitigation Flooring Systems


We make use of a variety of moisture mitigation systems to help protect our client’s investments in their flooring as well as protect against harmful bacteria and mold.

Moisture in a concrete structure can cause significant damage to that structure over time. This moisture can come from water present in the initial pour, runoff from nearby water sources, and improper drainage, among other sources.

Over the years, this moisture will cause cracking and other blemishes in the concrete, weakening it and causing eyesores on the surface. Plus, mold and bacteria can begin to form which presents a health hazard to workers.

We’ve employed a variety of moisture mitigation systems in order to create safe, healthy, and clean environments for our customers.

What is a Moisture Mitigation System?

Moisture mitigation isn’t exclusive to just one product or method. Depending on the needs of the customer, there are several ways in which we can reduce the risk of moisture-related damage over the long run.

Moisture mitigation also comes from the use of vapor retarders. These are membranes which are installed beneath interior slabs to prevent moisture and radon gas from moving from the ground, through the concrete, and into the interior of the building.

of clients to find solutions to their particular needs.

A similar system can be installed as a coating on top of the concrete structure to slow the movement of moisture from within the slab through to the surface. These coatings are usually epoxy-based and prevent moisture from damaging the surface of the floor or those materials which are adhered to it (wood, tile, vinyl, etc). These systems are our most common solution, as they can be applied any time after the initial concrete construction, as long as the concrete has cured.

We’ve used various moisture mitigation systems to meet the specific needs of our clients. As an example, we’ve worked with commercial kitchens and public health facilities to ensure their floors are moisture, bacteria, and mold-resistant. If you have very specific or unique concerns regarding moisture mitigation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve worked with dozens

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