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We Care. Two very simple but important words that we at Abbruzzese Floors live by. We want to give the customer an experience that makes them understand that we were the right choice to be awarded the job. We strive to give our customers the best experience possible by building relationships with them that are founded on us being professional, clean, and the best problem solvers we can be while on any job. 

We care about our jobs before we even walk on the jobsite. We want to make sure that our customer service, fair pricing and honest lines of communication are open to our customers. We want to make sure that we are always here for you and are ready to help you find the correct floor for your space. We will never, ever, sell you something that you do not need and we will always seek to find a solution that correctly suits your individual needs. 

When we arrive on site, we are organized, clean, and professional. At the end of every shift, our team will organize our workspace and clean the floor in order for there to be clear visibility of progress that has been made, as well as making sure that there are clear pathways to walk and for other trades to continue work on the jobsite without our equipment impeding their progress. There will be no machinery, garbage, or tools lying around in disarray when we leave the site. We do this to respect our customer and keep their schedule intact so that they can complete the job in a timely manner. 

Problem solving on the jobsite is crucial while working and completing the job assigned to us. That is why we go to great lengths in order to make sure that we help solve any problem that may arise while we are on site. We want to make sure that while we are on site, anyone can come to us and find a helpful resource within our team. 

We cannot forget about the individuals that make up our Abbruzzese Floors Team. We care about our team members because without them, we would not have the opportunity to be building the amazing company that we are today. Our team and their families comprise a greater Abbruzzese Floors family that continues to grow day by day with the help of our growing list of customers and the work they provide us. Our team cares about how they carry themselves and they are always professional and seek to solve any issues that may arise on any jobsite in order to get the job done to perfection for our customer. 

We believe that by caring, and going above and beyond what is asked of us, that we can build long lasting relationships that benefit everyone we are engaged with and doing work for. Caring is simple, but not easy. Anyone can say they care, but we strive to show it with our actions and through all our relationships both on and off the jobsite.

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Our Clients

Our Services

Every job we perform brings unique challenges and requires a little creativity. We do on-site assessments and evaluations to guarantee our customers are getting the right services to meet their needs.

Here are a few of the ways we can serve you.


We can breathe new life into dated and deteriorating concrete surfaces through concrete refinishing and resurfacing. Rather than removing or demolishing the existing concrete, we can use it as a base for a brand-new floor. This process is more cost-efficient than the alternatives while providing a beautiful new floor for your business.


Epoxy is a rigid plastic material that’s poured over a flat surface to create a smooth, durable floor. Epoxy flooring allows for a completely custom look while providing a safe, durable, and low-maintenance floor that can serve all kinds of commercial and industrial purposes. From warehouses to retail spaces, broadcast studios, commercial kitchens, and showrooms, we’ve used epoxy flooring to create beautiful, functional spaces that are built to amaze.


Polished concrete is an elegant flooring solution that’s perfect for retail and office spaces. It creates a bright, minimalistic aesthetic while providing a low-maintenance and stain-resistant surface that’s perfect for areas with lots of foot traffic. Plus, our installation process is simple and causes very little disruption to your operations.


Self-leveling cement uses polymer-modified cement to create smooth, flat, and level surfaces for a variety of applications. Some of our customers require incredibly level surfaces. With self-leveling cement, we can create a floor that’s within 1/8th inch of true level. Warehouse flooring, industrial facilities, retail stores, and other industries all make use of self-leveling concrete to provide a safe, smooth, and level surface for their operations.


Excessive moisture in concrete can cause serious damage to flooring materials. Water from the concrete’s initial installation, nearby water sources, and rainwater and irrigation systems can add moisture to a concrete substrate. We use moisture mitigation flooring systems to protect your business from costly damage down the line.

Industries Served

We specialize in industry-specific flooring solutions to help businesses of all kinds achieve floors that are appropriate for varying applications.