Streamlined Flooring Solutions


Abbruzzese Floors Inc. delivers streamlined flooring solutions, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Industrial Flooring

We provide exceptionally durable floors for industrial facilities,
warehouses, and large commercial spaces, capable of handling heavy loads and reducing maintenance costs. Our customized approach ensures the best flooring solutions for leveling, safety, and aesthetics.

Educational Facilities

We create safe, attractive floors for public and private educational institutions, emphasizing moisture-resistant solutions to prevent deterioration and mold, and achieving sharp, bright, and welcoming

Hospital Flooring

Our flooring solutions are ideal for hospitals, offering durable, sanitary, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean floors for areas including hallways, operating rooms, and waiting rooms. We provide multiple color and design options to make facilities warm and welcoming.

Medical Imaging

We specialize in the achievement of a perfectly level and flat surface for the medical imaging machines to be installed and used on.

These surfaces must be completely sync and our self leveling systems and technology allow floor for medical imaging machines to work perfectly.

Corporate Offices

We offer a wide variety of options for corporate office spaces from polished concrete and epoxy floors to traditional floor coverings like wood or tile, creating intricate designs or minimalist spaces.

Retail Spaces and Showrooms

We collaborate closely with clients to create retail spaces and dealership showrooms that captivate and sell.

Commercial Kitchens

We design safe, sanitary commercial kitchens with moisture mitigation products and various flooring options to withstand moisture and mold, creating high-functioning, easy to clean and attractive spaces.

Do you need flooring solutions for your project?

We’re always ready to work with our clients to make sure they get the perfect floor for their organization’s needs.